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Small Claims Court is designed to provide quick and easy access to the courts for persons with legal grievances when their claims do not exceed $8,000.00. It is the mission of our Court to serve the community with professionalism, courtesy, efficiency and competence employing new applications of technology to enhance our service to the citizen, treating all people with respect and dignity. In Small Claims Court, relaxed rules of procedure are permitted so that parties may proceed without the expense of hiring an attorney (although a party may wish to consult with or retain an attorney). The purpose of the trial is to present all of the relevant facts to the Judge so that the appropriate law can be applied in making a just decision. It is important that both litigants (the plaintiff and defendant) understand what is involved at trial and be thoroughly prepared. A litigant’s guide is available upon request from the Court Administrator. It is not appropriate for us to discuss a pending case with either side prior to trial or out of Court after trial if our decision was taken under advisement. We are sure you can understand that it is essential for us to preserve our impartiality.